30 April 2015

Splash - April 2015

I tried to do an optical illusion for April - in the spirit of April Fools Day.  My efforts failed.  I'm still trying, so maybe for next April....  This splash is still in the spirit of April Fool's - a prank of sorts.  The makeup inspiration came from James and Samantha's recent obsession with the show Gotham.  I sent the kids out to our driveway and turned on our car's high beams.  The rest was the kids posing - Catwoman (a/k/a Josephine) is perched on our trash dumpster and for the most part the kids are already in jammers (BallTeam-speak for pajamas).  This was a fun splash - I love it when JMichael and the ladies participate and get creative.  I hope they will treasure these pictures one day.  I know I will.

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