20 April 2015

Sixth Grade Field Day

I recently posted about JMichael losing a tooth and said it was sad because it was one of his last firsts.  Today was one of Charlotte's lasts, too.  Her last track and field day.  It was a breezy beautiful day for all the festivities.  There was competition, camaraderie and food.  With sixth graders, there must always be food.  Charlotte is pictured here with her buds - Abby, Bailey and Gabby.  Charlie did well in the games - first in her heat for softball throw and three-legged race (with Abby).  Second in her heat of the 100 meter dash.  The final event is a giant round robin tug of war contest - her class came in second.  Sixth grade is so fun.  Next year she will be in junior high.  Impossible, yet true.

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