03 April 2015

Josephine at the Gym

Josephine started a recreational gymnastics class about a month ago at our local gym.  She had been begging and patiently waiting for us to get her enrolled.  (Dag kids are expensive.)  Anyway, she is just loving it.  For years she has googled gymnastics skills and searched YouTube for instructional videos.  She searches, she practices, she masters, she repeats.  Her coaches are impressed with her technique and her will power.  Josephine is one determined chick once she makes up her mind.  Today she was evaluated for moving from rec class to the competitive team and she made it.  She's been invited to compete - we will find out her level next week.  I'm so proud of her.  She's ten; she's feisty; she's passionate.  Sometimes, when all that energy is directed at me, I find her exhausting.  It's wonderful to see all that drive funneled into skills in the gym.  Go Josephine!

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That's awesome! Sounds like you have a determined naturalist on your hands :)