29 April 2015

Coach Sam!

Samantha has landed her first job.  She is the newest rec coach at CGA - Josephine's gym.  Samantha works three hours a week coaching a 4 year old rec class with basic skills and a 7-9 year old rec class in tumbling.  So far, two weeks into it - she loves it.  She says the kids are sweet and cute and really work hard.  Plus, they keep telling her how pretty she is.  That's a bonus.  This summer her hours may change to include more weekday hours, since the gym sponsors a day camp while kids are out of school.  Samantha loves getting to work out with the little ones, and she gets paid for it!  She actually makes more per hour than Rachel does at Tropical Smoothie - just a lot less hours.  Plus - that white thing in her hand pictured - is an ice pop.  She gives them out to the kids and helps herself to one after each class.  Welcome to the workforce, Samantha!

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