16 November 2014

Rockin At The Hop, 2014

"Rockin' At The Hop" is the musical show that the sixth grade presents for the parents each year.  Charlotte was SO very excited to participate.  She had been singing the songs all around the house for weeks.  The kids have a blast dressing up 50's style.  They all sang Rockin' Robin, Great Balls of Fire, and a few selections from "Grease".  They served the parents cold cokes in glass bottles and ice cream sundaes.  They did the hand motions to Rama Lama Ding Dong.  One of the boys crooned Houndog and Elvis would have been proud.  What a fun and upbeat evening.  Charlotte loved her poodle skirt, and had a great time with her friends - this one is Kamden Kuydendall, and the girls in the car with Charlotte - flying off like Sandy and Danny did in Grease - are her friends Abi and Anna.
To see Rachel Rockin At The Hop (she was in 6th grade in 2010) click here

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Unknown said...

That sounds like so much fun! What a great idea. She looks adorable!