16 May 2010

Rockin' At The Hop

Rachel was in the chorus of the sixth grade musical this year - Rockin' At the Hop. The cafeteria was decked out with Studebaker's and vinyl records. The table decorations were six-packs of Coca-cola, in the glass bottles. All the students dressed in poodle skirts and varsity jackets with saddle shoes and scarves in their hair. Elvis and James Dean were there, too!

The students sang a about three hits of the 50's, then served the guests ice cream sundaes and more coca cola bottles. Then three girl soloists sang Rockin' Robin and one very brave young man sang Great Balls of Fire as a solo. He was fantastic. All the girls in the class sat at his feet and practically broke the windows with their screams, right on cue. So fun. The chorus then finished off the evening with three more hits of the 50's.

The finale was We Go Together from Grease. The kids really hammed it up and looked like they were having fun performing. I hope they learned something about history and music along the way.

Rachel with her friend, "M", who was one of the solosits in Rockin' Robin and Rachel with Elvis Presley!

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Chelsie said...

Cute! She looks so lovely Tina.