03 November 2014

Halloween 2014

Rachel went out with her friends to go trick or treating and then back to a friends house for a Halloween party.  They grow up so fast......  Eleventh grade.

Samantha had a football game to go to on Halloween, so she was dressed as a high school dancer.  They did have a special Halloween dance and this picture (captured from the School's twitter account) was their final move.  Samantha says she was at about 10 o'clock in the second "O".  Boo.  Tenth grade.
Charlotte also ditched good ole Mom for going out with friends.  From left to right we have Tatum, Josey, Charlotte the nerd, Bailey and Kayla.  They all spent the night at Tatum/Josey's house after trick or treating.  Great bunch of friends.  Sixth grade.

Last but not least we have the little two.  JMichael went as a soccer star and Josephine is Where's Waldo.  Both recycled costumes.  Both as cute as ever.  Let the sugar coma commence.  First and fourth grades.

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