08 November 2014

Sharks, Fall 2014

JMichael just finished his soccer season with the Sharks.  He scored goals, worked on his skills, and made some new friends.  Fresh air, sunshine lots of exercise - all the benefits of kids in sports are worth the expense, the time and the running around of the practices.
The following pictures are all from our friend, Crystal Rajatora.  She took pictures all season and gave the team all copies.  So wonderful.
Eye on the ball.

Listening to Coach at practice.

Action shot - teamwork.

A throw in.  Both feet have to stay on the ground so coach tells them to cross one behind.

I'm open!

A little showboating after a goal.

Dag he's adorable....his teammate in this shot is Lawson.

I love this shot because it showcases JMichael's signature mismatched socks and the sunlight is in his hair.

An action shot of JMichael and Kenneth, one of his buddies.

Thank you, thank you to Coach Seth Cooper.  Soccer is more fun with a coach that teaches and encourages and motivates.  He donated time, bought treats and shared his love of the game.  JMichael played hard because he wanted to please his coach, and because he loves the game.  We will be back next season!

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