15 October 2014

Spirit Week 2014

High School football is a big part of life in a rural Arkansas town.  Our family goes to games because James enjoys football and because we watch Samantha, who chants and dances with her team at halftime.  During homecoming week, the town shuts down on Friday afternoon for a parade.  The schools let out early, the businesses close up early and the police section off part of the main road through town.  It's parade time.

I took a few pictures of Rachel and Samantha demonstrating their school spirit - Rachel is a junior this year and Samantha is a sophomore - and they dress up according to a theme.

I only managed to get two days - color day (juniors are blue and sophomores are green) and character day.  Samantha was Waldo (and she said ALL. DAY. LONG. people would walk up to her and say, I found you!) and Rachel was Johnny Appleseed.  Cute story - One of the principals called Rachel into the office because a teacher complained that a student had the audacity to dress as a pothead.  The assistant principal, who shall remain nameless, asked her the question - Are you dressed as a pothead?  What book are you specifically referring to?  Ugh.  Rachel gently reminded him that she is a dressed, quite accurately, as a hero of American folklore - Johnny Appleseed.  She was released to return to class, laughing.

The three shots that follow are also from spirit week - Samantha with her friends Patience and Carley on the dance team float in the parade.  Charlotte - also riding a float - for the Piranhas, her swim team.  Charlotte was so excited to ride on the float; this was her first parade and she loved it.  The last shot is the big ladies' shoes on color day.  I cannot tell you how many pairs of Converse my kids have.  We have bought almost every pair of Converse we have ever found in any thrift store.  Classic.  And they go with everything.

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