17 October 2014

Arkansas State Fair 2014

We hit the Arkansas State Fair - on a drizzly Saturday with no crowds and no lines.  But there were cows.  I made the kids walk through the livestock and needlework exhibits even though they think that a state fair is only about riding the rides.  We tried out some goat milk hand cream and wondered at the photography and drawing entries.  Amazing stuff.  Charlotte wants to enter a photograph next year.
We brought along Josephine's friend MacKenzie, who was happy to show off the pig she won popping a balloon with a dart at the game booth.  Life lesson learned - NEVER talk to the hawkers in the game booths at the state fair.  They will take you for everything they can.  Ugh.

Those dangling feet are Charlotte, Josephine and MacKenzie.  About four stories in the air.  Fun.
Coming back to earth - all smiles.
Fair sized roller coasters.  They all rode another, larger one, too.  Way fun.
JMichael picked the bumper cars.  He was too little to drive, but, Charlotte was thrilled to help out.
The fun house - Charlotte said, look mom, a fun house - like Danny and Sandy went into.  Yes.  My children use Grease as a life reference.
Finally, we saw a diving show.  Oh. My. Gosh.  They did tandem dives; they did multiple flips.  They tricked us; they made us laugh.  And then, at the end, they dove from 85 feet in the air!  Whoa.  It was amazing.

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