17 October 2014

Montessori Pumpkin Patch Trip

More cows - 'tis the season, I guess.  Today JMichael and Josephine went with me to the Hicks Family Farm Pumpkin Patch with our Montessori class.  I got to run around with my kids because each student had to bring an adult along.  We saw more livestock and rode a pony.
 Then we actually did get lost in the corn maze.  Lost.
I  did take a good shot of the little two while we were trying to get out of the maze.
But in the end we walked through the corn to the outside of the field because we were hopelessly, completely lost in the maze.  But hey.  (Get it?  Fall.  Hey.  Hay.  Hahahaha)  What a beautiful day of fun in the fall.

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