14 September 2014

Shark season - Fall 2014

JMichael is playing soccer this season.  Until now he had played on the smallest field in a three on three situation.  Since he aged up, this season he will play on a larger field with a larger goal and there are four people on the field for each team.  His new team is the Sharks and he is loving his new coach and teammates.  With the Sharks he will work more on finesse, the logic of the game of soccer and work on ball handling skills.  He is getting more technical coaching and still having a blast playing with his friends.  JMichael is a little hotshot on the team and loves to score goals.  I'm just happy that he loves the sport and gets plenty of fresh air and exercise.  In his first game today, which ended with a Shark win of 11 to 4, JMichael scored 6 goals.

0 screams from the fans...: