20 September 2014

Josephine, Double Digits?

Josephine has entered the realm of the double digits.  It truly happens so fast.  So. Very. Fast.  Josephine was born at Women's Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina.  She was delivered by cesarean section by a French born gynecological surgeon on October 1, 2004.  I cannot remember that woman's name, but, she was thrilled that our baby girl was going to be born on her own birthday, and that we were giving her a French name - Josephine Lisette.  Josephine is pictured here in the obligatory BallTeam fingers pose - with her own spin.
Josephine is her own person.  She chronologically our fourth child and our youngest daughter.  She is bright.  So bright.  She reads easily, she loves math and she thinks puzzles and projects are just fun.  Learning comes easily to her, I think, for one major reason - Josephine asks questions.  Incessantly.  Non-stop.  It's literally exhausting.  But, it's so good for her.  She is always interested in how it works, why it doesn't work, where something is, how it got there, who knows about this, what would happen if this....she is constantly questioning the world around her and soaking in all the information she can find. 
For Josephine's party, we were graciously allowed to use our friend's pool.  We invited friends and played away a summer afternoon in September (a little early, but, hey, let's celebrate).

Another BallTeam tradition - the non-traditional "cake".  Josephine got her name in Skittles - glued down with icing.

The candles didn't stand up very well, but, they didn't have to stand for long....

No forks.....just smiles.

And it's gone.
Josephine is in the fourth grade.  She wants to be a Mom when she grows up.  Josephine is limber and loves gymnastics.  She is often on the trampoline practicing her tricks and performing for the rest of us.  James used some lumber for a balance beam in our backyard and Josephine made an even bar out of the soccer goal and a Barbie jeep (to anchor it down).
Josephine recently started wearing glasses and really kinda loves them.  Josephine has a few friends at school that mean a lot to her and she can frequently be found at their houses.  It's only been in the past two years or so that she has found this kind of confidence.  She used to be painfully shy and now she is finding her voice and making her way in this world.
Josephine is a firecracker.  Do not make her mad.  She has a temper but she only brings it out when she thinks is necessary.  Her sisters look to her as the little kid in the family, but, she doesn't stand for it.  She is thoughtful - she will text me that she misses me while I'm at work - and she is responsible - she is up and ready for school and on top of her homework.
Josephine (Joey, Jo-bo-danjle) is also a great big sister to JMichael.  He knows that he can count on her to play with him and watch over him at school. He relies on her and she is sure to take the lead and while she wants her space, she would never leave JMichael out.
Ten?  A decade?  Joey was just learning to walk when our family evacuated in the path of Hurricane Katrina.  She doesn't remember the devastation and the tragic events of the time, but I remember her bright eyes and sweet toddler spirit of adventure in the midst of overwhelming destruction.
Josephine will go far.  She is a force, an opinionated anchor in the whirlwinds of life.  She has a sharp wit, a quick smile and the determined attitude to "make it so".  We love you, Joey!

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