02 September 2014

Laker Day 2014

Ok, so the holiday is actually Labor Day - a day of rest dedicated to those who work.  We don't usually BBQ or do all that traditional stuff.  Here in Arkansas, we have lakes, so that's what we do.  We hit the lake for Labor Day - Laker Day....

Josephine demonstrating the proper stance while posing on the rocks.
Rachel in coral and Samantha in black - first as teenagers and then as mermaids.
The BallTeam, floating in the lake.

 Charlotte, sunning herself, if only briefly.
One of the major activities at the lake is cliff jumping.  All along the recreational area of the lake are rock formations of various heights.  The distance from the lake to the water's surface depends on the amount of rainfall that season.  Some jumps are about two feet and some of the jumps are about 20 feet.  On this trip we started at the 10 foot jump and garnered our courage.  Josephine and JMichael went down from there to the five foot area while the big three ladies went to the 20 foot jump.
JMichael and Josephine jumping to Charlotte.
Charlotte and Samantha jumping from a higher cliff.
And Rachel, headed for the water.
We will back again next year.

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