08 August 2014

Last minute school stuffs....

Getting ready for school does not just mean new shoes and pencils.  Today we did the hardcore stuff - vaccinations and eye appointments.
Our school district imposed some new requirements for students 11 and up this year.  So, off we go to the doctor to get some shots.  No tears.  Lollipops all around.
 Our next appointment was for their beautiful eyes.  Everyone had their eyes dilated, and they got "sunglasses" to wear for a few hours while their eyes return to normal.  Rachel and Samantha already wear glasses.  They don't always wear them, but, now they are getting new ones.  Stronger ones.  And new at this year's examination - the other three need glasses too!
Interestingly, we have a pattern.  It runs according to their birth order, like this:  Rachel is far-sighted (close up vision is blurry).  Samantha is near sighted (far away vision is blurry).  Next is Charlotte, who is far sighted.  Then Josephine is near sighted.  Finally, JMichael is far sighted.  Wow.  We are so cool and organized.  More pictures to follow when spectacles arrive in about three weeks.
Charlotte demonstrates dilated eyes.  Kinda creepy.  They all said it made their vision blurry and it made their eyes numb and very sensitive to light.  It only lasted a few hours.

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