12 August 2014

Mom gets a day off......

This week I have some unexpected time off - we are preparing the school for a new school year and the cleaning and organizational jobs are not taking as long as we thought - yay for a few days off!

So, mom has a day off; mom says we go to the pool...and so we did.

Rachel and Samantha diving with style.
Charlotte and Josephine following suit.
Handstands - can you guess whose feet these are?  And JMichael - sans water wings!  This was a big day for JMichael - he swam the length of the pool with no help or floaties.  He did it once, then again, and again, and again, and again.....go JMichael!  He can also jump off of the diving board without the floaties, but, this shot is off of the side of the deck.
And this is what Samantha looks like under water.  Rachel has a lifeproof case on her phone and over much protestation from James and me and much encouragement from her sisters - she submerged her phone in the water and took pictures.  Ugh.  As if I am not grey enough....but I will admit; it's a cool picture and I can't fault a child of mine for being adventurous and curious - they get that honestly from their once young and carefree parents.

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