10 August 2014

CHS Dance Team 2014-15

Samantha made her high school dance team.  It's a spirit squad and they perform at every football and basketball game - home and away.  They do chants for the crowd and dance on the field or court at halftime and during a time out.  Cheerleaders do flips and stunts - dance team dances.  Samantha was on the junior high dance team, too, and the difference this year is competition.  While the spirit aspect is important during the sport seasons, the dance aspect will be her main focus later.  The high school team travels in the spring to compete against other high school dance teams in three types of dances.  The dancers on each competitive squad are the best for each form of dance.  The three squads are pom, jazz and hip hop.  Samantha, only a sophomore, is in the front line of her hip hop dance and loves that genre of dance.  As she puts it, she rocks out.  She also made the jazz competitive squad.  We are looking forward to all the games we get to go see - for the games?  No.  To watch our dancer - Samantha.

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