15 August 2014


Rachel has been looking for a job since she turned 16.  Quite a few places told her that they didn't hire anyone younger than 18.  She kept looking, though, and it took her five months to get that call she had been waiting for - you got the job!  This week Rachel started at Subway.  She started in the back learning all the prep work associated with making sandwiches for the public.  She came home smelling like onions and she said she cried.  As the week went on she moved on to the register, the drive through and then, the front line - talking to the customers in the store and making their sandwiches.  It's so funny to talk to her after a shift - she always has a story.  She has run into customers that are former teachers, members of our church and parents of friends.  And it's only been a week!  She also has stories that start out like - ok, there was this lady, and she wanted avocado and mayo on Italian bread - that's all - no meat, no cheese, no veggies - just avocado and mayo - gross!  Ah the joys of working with the public.  Congratulations, Rachel, you are a member of the work force.  You will be amazing - just smile and do your best!  Now, make me a sandwich!

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