19 May 2014

Magic Springs - 2014

So we did it.  We went to Magic Springs and it was sunny and breezy.  It was the final day of $15 admission, so it was crowded and we ran into three other families that we know.  I'm so glad we went. We all had fun.  We let the big three go ride roller coasters together; so I don't have pictures of them - they were off enjoying the rides.  James and I stayed with the little two, who don't hit all the height requirements just yet.
This is James' only ride with JMichael.  While James wanted nothing more than to ride and play with his kids, theme parks are just not meant for individuals with back injuries.  James paid dearly for his romp in the sun.
Joey and JMichael on the bumper cars. 
Merry-go-round selfie....with Josephine riding zebra behind us.
All meeting up at the end of a fun day.  The big three hit almost nothing but the roller coasters and they have some good ones at Magic Springs - lots of loops, inversions and twists - they had a blast.  Literally.

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