29 March 2014

Spring Break - Montessori Style

The kids had spring break this week, but, I did not.  I was able to take one kid per day with me to school, so they could help out and meet the kids I spend my day with.  I have pictures of every one except Rachel, who was literally drug around ALL day by one of the girls in the four year old class - she thought Rachel was the best toy she ever had.

The kids all stayed with me in my three year old class, except for JMichael, who went with the five year olds.  He had a great time and fell asleep on the way home - the sign of a great day playing at school.

Usually we do lots of lessons and reading, but, during spring break, we mostly let the kids play.  They get a break, too.

Josephine posing outside with her new little buddies.

Josephine pouring milk for lunch.

Charlotte at lunch, too.

Charlotte demonstrating a Montessori lesson.

Samantha reading to the kids.

JMichael eating with the class.

It was fun to see my kids interacting with these kids.  All the Montessori kids area younger than mine and are used to being with kids all day.  Mine were happy to play with them and see what kids of working parents do in a daycare all day.  My kids have been blessed to never go to a daycare - always home with a parent until school.  Montessori is a great alternative if you have to have childcare for your children.  A stimulating and positive environment.  I enjoy these kids.  I love mine, though!  Happy Spring Break, everyone!
Samantha in the tunnel with her new friends.

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