17 April 2014

Christian Skate Night

Living in the Bible Belt has many advantages.  First, no homework or sports practices/games on Wednesday nights.  It is automatically assumed that your family will be attending church on Wednesday nights.  Awesome.  Second, people are friendly, hospitable and welcoming.  Most people speak freely on the topic of religion and are comfortable with who they are and what they believe.  For example, Christian Skate Night.  Every Monday night from 6-8 the local skate rink opens its doors to anyone.  Skates are free, pizza and canned cokes are free.  The only requirement is that you must sit and listen to a "preaching".  This 20 minute lecture is geared to the kids (but adults are instructed to sit tight and listen) and it's usually very blunt.  This week we were told that we are pencils.  God is the pencil sharpener.  We are His tool and we are no good unless we let Him sharpen us.  What use is a pencil that hasn't been sharpened?  It's a waste.  We can do amazing things, but only if we let God sharpen us.

The little three like Christian Skate Night because they see their friends from school and they know that Dad and Mom like that it's free.  I like it because they skate and skate and skate.  Charlotte skates for about an hour and a half, and that's after she's just finished a two hour swim practice.  They are young and healthy.  I love that they love to be active and busy.  Skate, pizza, "preaching", skate, go home and crash!

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