15 December 2012

Kai Pan

Why are these children all smiling?  They are enjoying one of our newest BallTeam Christmas traditions - Kai Pan.  For the last two years, James' Dad has taken our family out to eat at a Japanese restaurant - Kai Pan.  It's one of those cool places that cooks on the grill right in front of you.  Our chef gave a running narrative of what he was doing, insulted American cooking, aka microwaving, and actually threw broccoli at three of us - asking me first to open my "sexy lips" and catch.  He was quite the entertainer.
Here he is in action shot.  The food was really good.  It was so good, in fact, that we brought home to go boxes with our leftovers and we ate it again for a late supper.  With five kids, it's hard to find one place that everyone likes.  Kai Pan is our family favorite.

Jim wasn't able to come this year because he caught an untimely stomach bug.  But we had pictures of him with us at Thanksgiving.  For Christmas Kai Pan, we get Jean, his wife of almost 30 years, James' step-mother.  Here she is with Samantha, who wasn't in the first picture.  Merrii Karisamasu.

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