17 December 2012

Another birthday

James in the Army - circa 1987
James had a birthday last week.  I feel like he gets left off of the blog a lot.  Partly that comes from the fact that most pictures I take seem to be of our kids.  Another part is that I think he wants it that way.  For those of you who don't know our family really well, or have moved away, James had a serious injury in January of  2010.  He hurt, or re-injured, his lower back.  The happy go lucky man who used to play basketball three days a week now walks with a cane and is a stay at home Dad.  It's hard when your body won't do what your mind tells it to do.  I can only imagine.  He lives it.  Some days he's down and full of frustration.  Some days he pushes through and accepts help from the rest of us who want him to still participate, as much as he is able, in our lives.  He will tell you he is broken, but, he's still here.  1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us nothing will happen to you that you can't handle.  Trials are tough.  If we come out stronger on the other end, we've learned and progressed.  James is one tough cookie.  Pain is a cruel partner, but life goes on.  The kids and I need him and he does as much as he can to keep up with us!  Happy Birthday, Beau. 
Nothing says Happy Birthday like Tastee Freeze!

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