27 December 2012

Christmas, 2012

Christmas at the BallHouse was full of surprises.  First, my Mom made these super stockings for each of the ladies and JMichael.  Santa filled them and I'm sure he admired her handiwork just as much as we did.  Thanks, Ma.  (James and I have one, too!)
The faces behind the bags....
A white Christmas in Arkansas is crazy weird.  If it snows here (and it usually does maybe three times in a winter), it always seems to snow in January or February.  But Christmas 2012 was a white Christmas.  By the afternoon, the snow was coming down.  By nightfall, it was apparent that it would stick.  By morning, we had ten inches on the ground.  I had an extra day off of work......
....because we also had no electricity, but only for 15 hours.  Although I have lived without electricity more times than I can remember, I don't enjoy it in the winter.  Being without air conditioning is an inconvenience, but, being without heat is much more bothersome, and dangerous.  As a sidenote, the last time it snowed on Christmas Day in Arkansas - was 1926, and that was only 2.5 inches.
We also had a surprise that lasted 12 days - a secret santa.  We had lots of goodies and on Christmas Eve, we found a ham, ten pounds of potatoes and sugar cookies on our doorstep.  So wonderful!

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