07 December 2012

Central Christmas 2012

Charlotte and Josephine had their Christmas program this week.  One of the perqs of living in the Bible Belt is that a Christmas program REALLY IS a Christmas program.  It's not a holiday celebration.  Teachers use words like Jesus and Nativity.  I, for one, appreciate it.
The ladies sang with their classmates and each class did about three songs.  Charlotte, with the rest of the fourth grade, played Silent Night on the recorder while the audience sang.
I was able to get this energetic group of girls to stand still long enough to get this picture.  In order from left to right they are: Josephine, Drew, Kendall, KoryLynn, Charlotte and Ryan.
The interesting thing about this group of friends is that they are three pairs of sisters.  My two are Charlotte and Josephine.  Drew and Ryan are twins, and Kendall and KoryLynn are twins.  Charlotte has another set of twins - two boys - in her class at church.  Twice the fun!!!
My two beauties posing for the Momma.
Christmas, 2012
Charlotte, fourth grade, 9 years old
Josephine, second grade, 8 years old

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