15 June 2012

More Galveston

Another day on vacation, we decided to ride go-karts.  We had drive about twenty minutes off of Galveston Island to find a track, but, the drive was worth it.  First, it got us out and exploring - always an adventure.  Second, we had the place to ourselves most of the time we were there!  The lady at the counter gave us a deal, adding rides with game tokens and throwing in two extra rides for everyone, just 'cause she thought we were nice.  It was great.  The track was twisty and we cooled off with games in side.
This picture is the jackpot-winning Samantha, modeling the latest in hot pink tickets.  She hit this game at the jackpot and won over 250 tickets.  Luckily, they had one of those ticket-eating counter machines.  In the end, winning is fun, but the total of everyone's tickets amounted to a pack of Skittles for each of the kids and a pack of m&m's for James and me to split.

Joey is still too short to ride alone.  From the looks of this chart, it may just be years before she can solo.  She is rooting for a growth spurt, but, I think she is a perfectly beautiful petite little lady.  (Who, by the by, packs quite a punch, so don't let her little frame fool ya - she's scrappy thing when she wants to be!)

We tried to do as much water fun as possible.  I love this shot of Joey and Charlie jumping the "waves".  The fantastic benefit of staying at the beach for a week is being able to spend any time of day on the sand.  I especially love the later evening, after the heat of the day, and when the beaches are deserted.

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