24 June 2012

Around town

One day - just one day - while we were in Galveston, it rained.  We made it to this museum, Bishop's Palace, before the rain began.  This is one of the oldest houses in Galveston, and it survived the 1900 storm with no major damage.  The woodwork in the house is amazing and the history of it was fascinating.  It was a great glimpse in time.  The kids did not find it so interesting, and the only saving grace was the fact that the orignal family, the builders of the house, had a mom and a daughter named Josephine.

After the rain passed, we explored the town a little.  We found Ball High School, but, school was letting out and the pictures are full of high school kids.  We also found Ball Avenue, and got a picture of the Ball Team on Ball Avenue.

This first picture is a cruise ship - immense!  I've never been this close to a cruise ship, and I was shocked at how big they are!  Galveston, apparently, is a cruise hub and a few lines had their ships at the dock or anchored just off shore waiting for the next cruise.  This picture is Samantha and her crab legs.  Charlotte and Samantha are the seafood lovers on the BallTeam, along with James and I, too.  The others are land-lubbers, but Samantha ordered crab legs and had to play with her food!  After an amazing lunch - our best and fanciest meal of the trip, the rain was gone, the skies were blue and we did what we enjoyed most - we headed to the beach to play in the surf and relax.

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MaryAnn said...

I'm loving reading about your trip. Maybe that will be our next destination!