09 June 2012

Attitude Adjustment

Don't you love a house on stilts?  I DO.  I love the outdoor shower, the decks with an ever-present on-shore breeze and the view of the nearby water.  Who needs TV?  I remember as a child my mom made custom draperies and some of her clientele had amazing beachfront condos.  Why, in the name of all that is precious, would anyone hang drapes over a window that showcased the ocean?  I didn't understand that then, and now, as an adult, I LOVED that this little beach house in Galveston, TX, had open views on the waterfront windows.  We stayed all week in this house.  Jay Michael called it our water house.  I called it relaxing.  The 'name' of the house at the rental company was Attitude Adjustment.  It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a large enough washer and dryer set that I could easily keep up.  Those decks drew us outside and we sat and talked and laughed until we fell asleep.  (I even slept out on the deck one night...)  By the way, if any of our landlocked friends and family ever spend a week at the beach - a house is THE way to go.  Privacy, full kitchen, laundry, and that home-away-from-home feeling.  It was truly a vacation.  More posts with more pictures to follow.

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