09 June 2012

Galveston, Day One

On our first full day of vacation, we played at Schlitterbahn.  That's all.  Seriously.  The ladies and James did the waterslides.  Lots and lots of waterslides.  Jay Michael and I did nothing but the Lazy River.  It was fatastic.  I spent four hours on a raft with a happy and involved little passenger, lazily drifting along at times, and racing through rapids and wave machines at times. 

Waterslides are a pleasure for which poor James paid a dear price.  Everyday on vacation, we had great stuff planned and James vowed he would hang back and take it easy.  His back and legs will not let him participate like he used to.  His pain meds keep him constantly moderately sedated.  But, true to the hands on Dad he is every day, he was right there with the kids, and every evening, he was laid out and hurting.  He was smiling, but, he was hurting.

I added this picture of the locker key.  We couldn't get the key to work.  We ALL tried it.  Then it dawned on me.  Is this the key to locker 696?  Or, is it the key to 969?  We all had a good laugh out of that one - our brains were on vacation just like we were!  (In our defense, I can only come up with three numbers between one and 999 that can read upside down and backwards - 666, 999, 969 and 696.  So, the odds were decently against us getting the key that would scramble my vacationing brain.  Oh well!)

After we solved our locker puzzle, I sprayed everyone with sunscreen the way a good Momma does.  Although Joey offered to spray me, I never was sprayed down.  Those four hours fried at least four layers of my skin and I was so very very sunburned.  Huge understatement.  Well worth it.  James and I both paid a price for an amazingly fun day.  And Rita's.  We went to Rita's three times in this week.  And loved it EVERY time.  Ahhh, Rita's! Great stuff.

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