11 February 2011

Snow Balls ......

This week we had almost eight inches of snow. Rachel is hoping for exactly seven and three quarter inches, since one of her teachers at school is giving extra credit for the student who predicts the exact amount.

All eight inches fell in one day. It was pretty, but, it called our little town to a dead standstill. School was out for three days, we had no babysitting kids come over, and Mom and Dad were home all day. No one left our house for three days, except Samantha playing with her friend down the street and Rachel walking to her friend's house, almost a mile away.

The ladies and Jay got out into the snow, but, it was fluffy and didn't pack well. What good is all that snow if you can't pack a decent snowball? For the most part we stayed inside and rearranged furniture, played video games and cleaned out under the beds. I did laundry. I did a LOT of laundry.

The cute kid quote of the snowstorm goes to Josephine, who after being amazed at how dark the inside of the house is after playing in the snow said, "Mom, it's a wonderland out there!"

It felt great not to get out of the house for three days. No schedules, just a mini obligatory stay-cation in the winter. I ventured outside only for pictures....

Joey and Samantha making snow angels
Rachel, with Samantha in the distance, and Codi
Jay and Charlie, trying to pack a snowball
I honestly hope this is the last of it. The weatherman promises me it will be in the sixties next week. I'm ready for summer!

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