23 February 2011

Jay is Three

Three years have flown. Literally flown. Jay Michael went from a fragile little NICU baby to a full fledged B-O-Y, reeking havoc in his wake. Actually, he is quite sweet and tender. He'll hurl a ball at you with no mercy, mind you, but, he'll kiss you on the head where he hit you.

His birthday was low key. Just the ladies as party goers:

Some presents from the family, which Jay Michael knew exactly how to handle. (Open bag. Look at it, show Momma and smile for the picture.)
a new big-boy backpack for his allergy meds. Chillin...

New hot wheels and a cross stitch from Grandmom!
Jay Michael gave us a present for his birthday - he's potty trained! Thanks, Jay, it's just what we wanted! At three, Jay is a pro at the church nursery scene. He walks right in (usually) and loves singing time. He's always so proud of his picture when they color. Jay Michael will tell you "I Jay Miiiiiicool", with a sweet southern draw, when you ask him what his name is. If you ask how old are you? He answers, "I tree." He can dress himself, knows where everything in the house needs to be put away, and he loves the trampoline. He can feed the dogs, help set the table and loves to "help" Momma unload the dishwasher. Jay Michael can sing his ABC's through around H, after that it gets a little messy. He still loves any kind of ball - from footballs to lemons (which really get some distance; be careful). He eats everything, and if gets too close to anything nutty, he'll tell you "No, that tickles me".

Sweet, boisterous little prince...we love you Jay Michael.

3 screams from the fans...:

Jen said...

wow, I can't believe Jay is three.. and he looks so grown up. I sure miss all of you!

Rachel said...

the picture with him in the beanbag makes you look extreamly tall!

angelalois said...

we have a sweet almost-three-year-old on our hands, too... but he just looks at you quizzically if you ask him how old he is ;-) good luck keeping up with that big boy of yours!