25 February 2011

Fitness Challenge

Samantha is in the sixth grade and the school sponsered a Fitness Challenge, with the students participating in various fitness tests - the point being to test their fitness levels. Students could choose their events - everyone did three. The choices were: basketball (most baskets in a minute), hula hooping (longest time with a hoop in motion), pull-ups (most pull ups), jump-rope (longest time, and most jumps in a minute). Girls were a separate category from boys. In sixth grade girls, Samantha brought home three ribbons - one for every event she entered! She won second place in Strongest Man (Pull-ups) with three pull ups in a minute. Samantha took first place for Hula Hoop; she kept the hoop in motion for 15 minutes, 8 seconds. Her time set a new school record! Samantha also took first place in Speed Jump; in just one minute, she jumped rope 140 times, without missing. Wow. Way to go, Samantha. We are not worried about your fitness level!

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Jen said...

Awesome job Samantha, you rock girl!!