13 February 2011

Ahoy, Pack 354

I am the Webelos Leader in our Ward. Whew. These boys are ten years old and for an hour three Wednesdays a month I get to hang out with them. They work hard, play hard, and if we do it right, they learn something along the way. This month, for Pack Meeting (which is a meeting for my Webelos plus the Bears and Wolves in our Pack) we had a pirate theme and supper. Plenty of awards to hand out for the work they have been doing, plenty of games and fun. Here are some highlights, courtesy of Sister Woffinden, our Primary Counselor, Scout Mom and general super woman. Thanks for the pictures! The Scouts really went all out when we told them to dress like a pirate, didn't they? Good job!

The scouts "fighting" with their Dads to receive their rank advancements. Then everyone wanted to sword fight - even the little sisters!
And the cake/cupcakes. Treasure Map Cake! Don't you just love it? I do. I also love the way the families of our scouts are supportive - from impromptu sword fights to making great decorations and treats - I could never do any of this all alone! Thanks everyone!

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Sandy said...

This cake is perfect! Did you make it? Very creative. BTW, Woffinden boys couldn't stop talking about The Blue and Gold last week. You made quite an imppression!!! Good Job!