02 October 2017

Cute Kids Quotes - JMichael

Oh this one.  Kids.  I swear sometimes they are so darn adorable.  To our right here, is JMichael.  On most mornings, JMichael will come in to my bedroom and say, Mom, can I have your phone?  The deal is that he can play on it while I get ready for work.  So, on the morning of October 1st, JMichael came in to my room and he did NOT say, Mom, can I have your phone?

Instead, this formerly sweet young man said to his wonderful mother, Mom, guess what?  I'm your only kid now.

I had just woken up but, I was seriously confused.  Had everyone else moved out in the night?  What day was it?

JMichael sensed my fuzziness and he continued - Since today is Josephine's birthday, I'm your only kid now.  Everyone else is a teenager.

He's right.  His sisters are now 13, 14, 18 and 19.  He's still the little man of the house.  He's still everyone's playmate.  He's still the sweet soul that makes sure we all have a smile.

Secondary take home message - I'm getting old.  Ugh.  But what a great way to deliver bad news!

This photo was taken on his first day at Galena, fourth grade, nine years old.

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