12 December 2016

BallTeam in pencil, about 2008?

Have I posted this picture before?  It's on the wall in our kitchen and it was "drawn" in a photo booth at a mall.  I remember stuffing all five of them in there and saying, okay, smile!  I treasure it.  On the top row in the left corner is Rachel, maybe ten years old?  Next to her is Josephine, about three.  The full face on the right is Samantha, who would be about nine.  The little half face on the left is JMichael, probably not yet one, and that full smile on the bottom middle is Charlotte, maybe four years old.  Ahh.  It makes me happy just to look at it everyday in my kitchen, and I wanted to preserve it here, 'cause you know I'm not really allowed in the kitchen.

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