30 December 2016

Splash - December 2016

The splash photo for December 2016 was not as Christmas-y as I wanted it to be, but, it perfectly captures the togetherness of these five amazing people.  As I've said many times before on this blog, they may all have come from the same gene pool, but, boy are they different people.  Rachel is fiercely independent, but, will be at my side to help with whatever I need.  Samantha is a homebody but is coming to grips with the fact that she will soon be out on her own.  Charlotte is full of bravado and is fearless, but, is so very sensitive for the feelings of others, so much so that she tries to be everyone's champion.  Josephine is curious and is always into making the next project or experiment.  She is determined and thinks the world is her playground.  JMichael is the clown of the BallTeam.  He is sweet and playful and he has all four of his ladies eating out of his hand, even though they don't see it.

Separately they are incredible personalities, all making their way.  Together, they are loud and busy and sometimes laughing, sometimes screaming.  Pictured here they are wrapped in the quilt my mom made James and me for Christmas a few years back.  If only we could keep them cozy and together and smiling, always wrapped up by the protection and warmth of their loving folks.  That, for me, would bring me great tidings of comfort and joy.

another shot from that day - my BallTeam, December 2016.

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