29 November 2016

Splash - November 2016

The Ball Team

This splash was not supposed to turn out like this.  I has in my mind that that I would actually write on their feet and at the last minute I thought editing the photo could look natural.  What is natural is the spontaneity of these five people.  As we were taking some shots cars are driving down our street (this is our front yard).  The kids are quick to say, Momma, the neighbors are wondering what we are up to, again.  Or, Yes, Mr. Car, we are sitting in our yard throwing leaves for the camera.  We got this.  They know we are going to pose for a picture.  They know they are going to get to design and help.  They know they are preserving their images and personalities for future generations.  They know I expect them to participate and enjoy it.  I hope they also know I love them.  Happy Fall, Y'all.

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