16 November 2016

Romance Cliffs

There's a gravel stop on the side of the road, about twenty minutes north of our little rural Arkansas town that has a sheer cliff.  I mean sheer.  It drops off into nothing.  The kind of cliff that makes every momma fiber of your being just cringe and gather your children back to the safety of the car.

But, no.  Not this crowd.  They had to go to the edge and take pictures. 

You can see behind JMichael that the world just falls out into the abyss.  Ok, abyss is a little dramatic.  Acutally, it's about ten stories high.  But it was chilly and windy and I just knew someone would get too close to the edge.  No tragedy befell us this day, and it is a stunning view, but, too risky for my blood.  A friend of ours who grew up here says that this is the cliff that people would take unwanted cars and just push them off.  You can also see that other onlookers have visited this cliff with spraypaint in hand.  In Romance, Arkansas.

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