24 May 2015

Softball Champions

I will admit that I did absolutely everything I could do to get out of going to school. My grades were always above average and I finished high school in my junior year.  My senior year of high school was spent at Salisbury State College, as a freshman. In the afternoons I had to go back to the high school for gym and French - blowoff classes, but, they wouldn't let me out of them.  Rachel is in almost the same situation now - she's a junior and she has all of her electives finished.  All she needs to graduate is another credit in English and another credit in history.  She can have all that accomplished by December of her senior year since she doesn't have to take electives and she does all her academic work online, at her own pace.
My kids have inherited my pace of learning - and my aversion to the classroom.  Rachel especially will do anything to get out of actually seeing the inside of her schoolroom.  Samantha avoids people as a rule -seriously.  So, when the administration at the high school dangles a carrot you know my two will jump for it.
Our high school girls' softball team made the state championship.  The game was on Friday and it was scheduled to be played in Fayetteville - about two and half hours north of our little town.  The announcement at school was this - if you attend the game, your absence at school on Friday will be excused.  Just show your ticket stub as proof.  Rachel and Samantha were suddenly huge softball fans and a road trip was in order.
They had no gas money.  They made a few calls to friends - suddenly they had gas money.  Off they went.  The game did not give out ticket stubs, so word got around, as word gets around on twitter in this modern age, and the only proof you needed was a selfie of you, with your entrance stamp, your face and the softball area in the picture.

I hold no illusions that these two stayed at the game only long enough to get the stamp.  Let's be realistic. I can only hope that they turn into responsible adults - with problem solving abilities and a can do attitude.  They saw an opportunity; they followed the rules; they win.  I honestly would have been right with them in high school. 
On a side note, it's a strange feeling to be hoping your kids just give up and go to school.  But, it's a really really strange feeling hoping your kids conquer the obstacles in front of them.  At least it shows they can read a map and find their way home again.  My babies.  Little adults.   Sigh.

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