19 May 2015

Life Skills.....

So we've had some germs in our house - coughing, nausea, general blahs - it's been around and around.  The laundry was getting behind.  When I say getting behind, I mean mountains.  No kidding.  The Rockies.  The Ball Team laundry system is the washday method - seven people in the family, seven days in a week?  It's flawless.  Each willing and compliant member of the family washes and dries his or her weekly laundry on his or her assigned day.  In a perfect world it would be that easy.  When you are sick and busy, and just not terribly motivated, it mounds up fast.  So I decided that I wanted it done.  Done.  I loaded up the car full of every scrap of cloth I could find in the house that wasn't either being worn, or folded/hung/neatly put away.  This totaled (drum roll) 18 loads of laundry.  WHOA!  I took Samantha and Charlotte and we had a "how to use a laundry mat" lesson.  It took us a few hours - Samantha left with some friends and was replaced by Rachel and her pal Hunter.  It was a full day's work.  Once home, everyone put it away and we are now back on track with the one person a day wash system.  Live and learn!

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