20 May 2015

Sharks - 2015

JMichael (7 years old) loves his soccer.  He gets right out there on that field and literally gives it his all.  He gets his athletic drive from his Dad, who played every sport, season by season, all year as a kid, and then as a teenager he stuck to his love - football.  He played all through high school and had a scholarship to play college ball but he turned it down.  That's a different blog post.  This one is about JMichael.  I played field hockey and lacrosse in junior high, high school and college, but, I was never a starter.  Isn't that sad?  All those years and I never started in a game.  I was the kid they put in when the score was so far off it didn't matter.  Haha.  I just played because it was fun.  I think that's what JMichael gets from me athletically.

Fancy footwork.

Getting past his opponent.

This is called a "pull back".

Ball control.  Get it?  Ball control.  Hahaha.

And looking back at the folks to make sure we see it all.  In this particular game, JMichael scored three times and the other coach said to his team - Ok y'all.  Don't let that curly haired boy get behind you - he can kick the ball clear down the field.
Go get 'em curly haired boy!

0 screams from the fans...: