04 February 2015

Rachel's ACE

Rachel is in the eleventh grade and has decided to attend an alternative class at school - ACE.  The ACE program (Academic Center for Excellence) is designed for students who just want to get their work done without the traditional classroom.  Rachel sits in front of a computer and "takes" four of her classes - AP English, AP History, Algebra II, and AP Chemistry.  After a full academic morning, she goes to lunch with the rest of the high school and then goes to her "social" classes, as she calls them - theater, forensics and introduction to education (which is a student aide in a third grade classroom).  She switched to ACE because she said her classes were moving too slowly and she thought she could do just fine on her own.  The program she uses is called APEX and it leads her through her assignments and gives her work to do and quizzes and tests along the way.  Her grades are great and she loves that she can just be alone and concentrate.  ACE may not be for everyone - but it works for Rachel.

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MaryAnn said...

If we had stayed in Cabot we would have put Kimberlee in ACE too - that's definitely her kind of learning environment. Sigh, I miss Cabot. :(