06 February 2015

Forensics February 2015

Rachel is in the forensics program at school - this means she competes for her school in the performance arts.  There are a bunch of categories, but, her favorites are poetry, solos and words/music.  She performs "pieces" from published and enacted broadway theater in the last two categories.  The poetry category is just that - she recites and interprets a piece of poetry.  Her team travels around the state competing in tournaments with other high schools.  Just this past weekend her high school hosted the tournament and Rachel was the student chair for the Dramatic Duet category.  This picture is her on stage presenting the finalists at the awards ceremony.  Their tournament is two days long and most of the judges for the events are the parents and staff of the high school.  I was able to be a judge for storytelling - a fun category to judge - and for poetry.  Wow.  These kids can be dramatic.  It was a tough thing to critique these kids - there were 16 schools there! - who all worked very hard and were so impressive!
Forensics has been good for Rachel - it's a great outlet and she is fantastic at memorizing.  She is comfortable on the stage whether she's singing or performing or reciting or presenting awards.

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