11 February 2015

Germs A Plenty

Don't you love winter?  I do not.  I am a summer person, through and through.  Winter this season has been very mild and there are germs a plenty working their beastly ways through the schools and into our homes.  Our kids have been down with fevers that spike intermittently and raspy coughs and general blahs lately - all the wonderful doctors have the same diagnosis:  it's a virus.  Keep the kids hydrated and warm and let them rest.  That sounds like a fabulous few days off, if you ask me.  This "selfie" was taken while I was waiting with Samantha in the ER at Children's.  The kids are required to wear a mask to keep their germs to themselves.  So far all the kids and James have been down but, I carry on.  Maybe I'll be in bed next week?

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