22 January 2015

Useful Life Skill?

JMichael has a few mad skills.  Most of his skills involve a soccer ball but he has great eye hand coordination.  Case in point - Stick Hero.  Stick Hero is an app on our phones and it's a very simple game.  The player creates a length of stick, which is supposed to stretch across two given points.  With each successful stick, the points change.  Sometimes you need a long stick; sometimes you just need a short stick, but, if your stick is longer or shorter than required, the game is over.  My high score is 30 sticks.  The other day JMichael ran up to me - SO excited - and he said, MOM!  Guess my high score on Stick Hero.  I guessed 20.  Too low.  This six year old boy got a high score of 71!  I got a picture of him again to record his score.  Wow.  Way to go JMichael! 
You can play Stick Hero online - if you have a touch screen computer - by clicking here.  Or, put another game on your phone - it's free.

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