03 January 2015

Splash - an explanation

Every month I make my kids pose for a splash picture.  The splash is that first picture you see when you open the blog.  A lot of people get that one picture that they love and they keep it up always.  Some people have a design or a banner, instead of a picture.  I chose a more complicated way of doing it, but, I love the splash picture.  The kids all know it will happen every month, usually the last week of the month, and it will always be different.  This month, we just made it simple - this is exactly what my kids were wearing at the time I said, ok, everybody outside at the bricks; time for the splash.  Everyone in the Ball Team home knows what that means.

I had a hard time this month deciding on which picture to use.  In this digital age, you know you can take fifty pictures even though you only will ever use one.  Some of these others were so good, though, I just decided to include them here, as an intermission of sorts, during the Christmas-y blog posts.

Happy 2015, everyone.

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