05 January 2015

Christmas 2014 - the Beach

Ahhh.   The beach.  Disclaimer:  the beaches of Maryland are COLD in December.  The sand is cold.  The breezes are cold.  The water is freezing cold.  The beach is COLD.
I had the kids all remove their shoes because, it's easier to walk in sand if you are barefoot.  Let me repeat.  The beach is cold.  The sand is cold.
James took a selfie with the ocean.  Do you see his photobomber?
Ahhh.  The cold Atlantic.  Have I mentioned it was cold?
The whole family and the ocean.  This is not your typical beach family portrait, but, hey, it was cold!
This is Rachel saying, why did we come to the ocean in winter?
Josephine posed in the tire at Ripley's Believe it or Not museum on the boardwalk.  The museum was closed.  'Cause it was cold!  Thrasher's was also closed.  Sad day.
Iconic Ocean City, Maryland landmark - the Sacramento sign.  This sign is on the highway as you leave the island.  In Sacramento there is a sign that reads Ocean City, MD - 3,073.  True story - I used to have a picture of it that my cousin sent me.  Craig - I need another picture, please.  But I googled it here, so you could see for yourself.
More of the ocean.  I don't know what the black is, but, I thought it looked cool.  I mean COLD.
Way down the beach look for a red spot and a shorter black spot.  Those spots are JMichael and Samantha, chasing seagulls.
It may be cold, but, you have to put your toes in, right?
 I love the beach.  But, I love these five amazing people even more.

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