07 December 2014

Small Town Christmas Party

Our little town hosts a little Christmas party.  It's all free - hotdogs, chips, cookies, hot chocolate, carousel rides, and a visit with Santa.  The night's big event is the lighting of the official town Christmas tree.  These little get-togethers are low key, and lots of standing in line.  But in a town of only two McDonald's, you run into lots of people you know.  It's a nice hometown tradition.  I went with five kids, and I came home with only two.  Rachel and Charlotte had a babysitting job to go to and Samantha met up with some friends and ditched her family.  Ah, teenagers.  I didn't get pictures while we were all there standing in line, but, I did get a few of the little two left to ride the carousel.

The weather cooperated beautifully - it was 50 degrees.  That's plenty cold for me.

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