03 December 2014

Splash - November 2014

The November 2014 splash was taken across the street from Junior High South.  In our little town, we have eight elementary schools, which feed into two middle schools and two junior highs - middle north and south, junior north and south.  Junior North and Junior South both feed their ninth graders into the Freshman Academy and then to the High School.  So kids are divided north v. south, then combined for grades 9 through 12.  We live in the southern half of the town, so our kids all go to south schools. But, I digress.  This grove of trees sits on about five acres across the street from Junior South.  I told the kids to wear a fall colored shirt and we headed out.  I knew I wanted to use this acreage as a backdrop, but, the sun was giving me fits.  We solved the problem by having he kids stand in the shade, a good bit away from the grove behind them.  The sun is in the trees, bringing out all the beautiful colors and add five beautiful smiles - perfect fall splash.

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