13 March 2014

Beauty and the Beast

Rachel, second from left (angry villager costume)
Rachel just closed another theater show - Beauty and the Beast, the spring show for her high school.  It was excellent.  I know these kids work so hard and they are so talented.  They sing, they dance, they act, and they do it all with grace and style.  The 11th grader who played Lumiere was so funny.  He really played his part well.  The junior that played Belle was beautiful and sang with a strong soprano that really stopped the show.  Mrs. Potts (the part Rachel wanted) was played by a senior who belted out her songs and stole the spotlight.  Amazing. The show- three hours long - was great from beginning to end.

Cogsworth and Lumiere

Rachel, in the opening song, Bonjour.  She is a villager.  Next, Charlotte and Josephine posing after the show with the Prince and Belle.  The Prince and Belle are both juniors.  Charlotte collected autographs after the show and Josephine took in the playbill for show and tell.  That was a hit, too!
Rachel played a villager, then a costume change for Be Our Guest as a singing silverware.  Next, another costume change to be an angry villager in Kill The Beast.  She was supposed to have more lines, but, her quartet was cut for time.  They had lines for her quartet in Bonjour and Be Our Guest.  She was disappointed, because it was a last minute cut and they had been practicing since December! 
Theater has been good for Rachel.  She shines on stage.  Off stage, she will complain about the long rehearsals and the stress of auditions (especially since our high school is only 10-12 grades and that puts her on the bottom of the totem pole this year as a sophomore.)  She already looking forward to next year's fall show - the rumor is that it will be Hairspray.  She wants to audition for Penny.  Break a leg, Rachel.

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